Education Services

Educational Contributions

With the consciousness that a modern town could be formed through modern citizens and modern citizens could be best formed through education, the Beşiktaş Municipality provides those students who are in need of financial support with educational contributions at the beginning of each academic year, with the intention of backing up the education.

In this respect, the children attending official primary, secondary and high schools –as well as private schools with a scholarship of 100%-, of those families who reside in the district of Beşiktaş, are entitled to benefit from the educational contribution and the school uniform support at the beginning of each academic year.

The Applications for the 2014-2015 Academic Year have ended off.

Summer Courses

The Beşiktaş Municipality holds Free-of-Charge Summer Courses in cooperation with the Beşiktaş Public Education Center with a view to orientate students to useful activities, enabling them to put their summer holidays to good use. The students have a really enjoyable time in these courses together with their coevals while they get the chance to get trainings on the branches they have chosen as per their areas of interest. These free-of-charge courses are held at the centers of the Beşiktaş Municipality, at the indoor sports facilities of primary schools and at the indoor swimming pool of the Turkish Association of Sports Writers, under the supervision of expert trainers and educators. The Summer Courses, which are provided in a large variety of branches such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, Drama, Folk Dances, Ballet, English, Painting, Violin, Guitar and Bağlama Saz (an instrument with three double strings), start in June and continue until the end of August each year.

Free-of-Charge Vocational Courses

In cooperation with the Beşiktaş Public Education Center, the Beşiktaş Municipality holds free-of-charge vocational, technical, self-improvement and hobby courses, which are also aimed at evaluating the handicraft, for the residents of Beşiktaş.

Through these courses that cover a variety of areas including foreign languages, handicrafts, music and performance arts, self-improvement and education, informatics technologies, graphics and photography, it is possible to improve and upgrade yourself in quite a lot of various fields, and even to obtain a new professional ability at the end of the courses. Those attendants who have been able to successfully complete their course programs are conferred with training certificates approved by the Ministry of Education.

Application Criteria

1- The application must be made with a photocopy of the identity card bearing the Turkish Republic Identification Number. Or it is also possible to perform the procedure through the T.R. Identification Number of the trainee who will attend the course.

2- The applications from the residents of the district of Beşiktaş are prioritized.

3- It is required that the Trainee Registration Form be completed precisely in order to ensure communication. The fixed phone numbers and mobile phone numbers must absolutely be stated so that the trainees can be contacted at the final registration phase.

4- Each trainee has the right to register for up to 2 branches at maximum per each academic year.

5- The applicant trainees will not be allowed to register for the branch they have chosen in the case that they have registered for the same specific branch twice before.

6- The course quotas shall be formed according to the dates on which the applicant trainees made their pre-registrations (from the earliest to the latest).

7- The applicant trainees may register for only one foreign language at a time. The language level proficiencies must be provided while registering.

8- The applicant trainees must be 18 or over, except for the drama branch.

9- The Beşiktaş Municipality reserves its right to make amendments on the course program.