Beşiktaş is a municipality located on the European shore of Istanbul. It is bordered on the north by Şişli and Sarıyer, on the west by Kağıthane and on the south by Beyoğlu. Beşiktaş Municipality aims to offer basic services to all.

Beşiktaş is a place offering balanced lifestyle, friendliness, natural beauty and an area feeling with the amenities, culture and opportunities of a modern urban centre. It has is an energetic and, caring community that embraces creativity and innovation. No matter whether you have called Beşiktaş as your home or your whole life or you are new to the city, in any case, we are proud of all we have in our district to offer to our residents. Here, you can find information on housing, events and general information.

New to the city? How to get around, what to do and where to go. Enjoy special events,; explore the city museums, cultural centres, and shops in the downtown's underground walkway.

News for residents. Use public transit or cycle to events. Pay a ticket, visit parks to find programs. Learn about services, complaints and the city's wellbeing.