Liven Up Your District: "Shaping Bebek Through Ideas"

Liven Up Your District: "Shaping Bebek Through Ideas"

Let’s think and dream together for a more livable Bebek.

Beşiktaş Municipality has started a transformation project aiming to improve urban planning which involves street rehabilitation and façade designs in Bebek, Arnavutköy, Sinanpaşa Passage and Levent Çarşı. In this regard, Beşiktaş Municipality is organizing “Liven Up Your District” meetings to put forward a guide to urban design with the participation of Levent residents and all our citizens in Beşiktaş. We kindly invite you to the solution meeting which is planned to take place in Tevfik Fikret Elementary School on the 2nd of June, Thursday in Bebek. For a more livable Bebek, let’s design our district together!  

Date: 2 June 2022, Thursday
Time: 18.30
Location: Tevfik Fikret İlkokulu (Tevfik Fikret Elementary School)
Address: Bebek Mah. İnşirah Cad. Manolya Sok. No: 16 Beşiktaş

About “Liven Up Your District”
Beşiktaş Municipality is creating a guide to urban planning that highlights preservation of city’s uniqueness and bringing out the socio-cultural dimensions where it is possible to maintain the spatial and social language distinctive to Beşiktaş. The guide also aims to educate urban professionals by pointing out the importance of preserving historical, cultural and natural properties of districts.

Apart from the urban planning guide, Beşiktaş Municipality will also be organizing workshops with all the municipal stakeholders in order to encourage participation in urban decision-making. During the designing and planning processes, a participatory and egalitarian environment is planned to be created, enabling district residents, shopkeepers, non-governmental organizations, private companies, public enterprises and people from all the segments of society to be a part of this operation. During the event, all participants will be discussing the social, economic, political and psychological aspects of urban planning processes and citizens will have the chance of brainstorming to “liven up” their district. As a result of the meeting aiming to be a roadmap for the urban studies, the feedbacks will be evaluated, and the necessary steps will be taken to create streets or areas contributing to the prestigious urban fabric of Beşiktaş.

If you would like to express your opinions to contribute to the decision-making process of urban planning, we would be glad to see you in “Liven Up Your District” meeting. 

Please contact us, if you decide to participate in the event.

E-mail: foreignaffairs@besiktas.bel.tr