Beşiktaş Will Heal Together!

Beşiktaş Will Heal Together!

An Anti-Stress Movement Campaign Launched In Beşiktaş…

Along with the normalization process, the new focus of the Beşiktaş Public Health Digital Management Center, which started service within the scope of combating coronavirus, was to launch an Anti-Stress Movement Campaign.

Announcing that the Anti Stress Movement through social media sharing, Beşiktaş Mayor Rıza Akpolat said; “We are now at a new stage in the epidemic process. Now we are launching an ‘Anti-Stress Campaign' in Beşiktaş. We scheduled a special program with our psychologists. We are fighting with this together; we will recover together with the healing effect of music, sports, travel, and therapy.”

Beşiktaş Municipality has established an anti-stress committee with psychologists at Beşiktaş Public Health Digital Management Center and created a new program. As part of this program, along with online therapies, social distance activities will be held in the parks. Citizens, who will meet with clinical psychologists at the events to be held in the public parks, will be able to meet with experts online or face to face by appointment later. Clinical psychologists will try to minimize the reflections of the epidemic process with these meetings.

Within the context of the project, stress-relief activities such as yoga will be held at the local parks and in particular points by keeping social distance. By using the healing power of music, citizens will be reunited with musicians at many places in the district. All events to be carried out within this scope will be announced on our website and social media accounts.

Stating that Beşiktaş people will heal together, Beşiktaş Mayor Rıza Akpolat came together with Expert Clinical Psychologist İbrahim Eke and talked about the benefits of the ‘Anti-Stress Campaign' for Beşiktaş and the works to be done.

Expert Psychologist İbrahim Eke stated that everyone went through an alarming process full of uncertainties and added: ''After a challenging three months, we aim to minimize the long-term damage of the epidemic with the psycho-social support program we have prepared. The fight against the Coronavirus outbreak is not over yet. Maybe there will be a second wave or other negative processes. Therefore, our municipality's efforts today are aimed at reducing future damages and difficulties. We can also call these preventive public health measures.''