Rıza Akpolat was born in Istanbul in 1982.Throughout his career; he has always cared about politics for an ideal society and beautiful cities, that is for a beautiful Turkey. He has actively been in politics since his teenage years and he also completed his undergraduate study in this field. He graduated from the Public Administration Department at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the Sakarya University. Then he started his master’s degree in    Global Politics and International Relations. 

He participated in many conferences as a European Union Expert both inside and outside Turkey. In the meantime, he continued his political career first as an administrator at the youth branches of the CHP (Republican People's Party), then as a Vice District President and then as a District President. Later on, he served his Party as an Acting Provincial President. He became a candidate at the parliamentary elections on June 7, 2015 through primary election. He also continued his active business life with his company operating in the fields of education, consultancy and construction. 

Rıza Akpolat was nominated and elected as the Mayor of the Beşiktaş Municipality at the local elections held in Turkey on March 31, 2019 receiving 73% of the votes, achieving a record number. He is married with 2 children.