Tevfik Fikret Museum

Tevfik Fikret Museum

Aşiyan is the house of Tevfik Fikret, the distinguished poet. After moving here in 1906, he fulfilled his ambition to live in a house that views Bosphorus landscape.

The poet built his house at this spot he had loved for so long, by Rumelian Fortress and next to Robert College. He used to visit this most beautiful spot of the Bosphorus just across Göksu frequently to paint and relax with his wife. They used to dream and make plans for the house they would build right there taking into account every single detail including rooms and furnishings.

Aşiyan’s location itself is a clear manifestation of Fikret’s refined taste. He drafted the architectural plan of the house and got it built among trees over the Fortress and named it “Aşiyan” meaning “Home” in Persian.

Tevfik Fikret’s tomb in the garden of Aşiyan Museum

The building which had several restorations earlier had its latest restoration in 2010. The restoration of the museum granted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was finished in 14th of December, 2012 with a ceremony by the presence of the Mayor of Istanbul, Dr. Kadir Topbaş and taken into service once again.

In the museum you can feel as if the poet is going to come out of a door. Dining room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, living room for summer and sitting room will take you back to a century ago. As it is a house museum, Aşiyan has a different texture and presentation. It represents the house and works of an important man of letters. Additionally, since it is also a museum of literature, it is a very interesting museum in its own field.

Aşiyan is worth seeing with the many important works it hosts and its bedroom which has a window known as the most beautiful one opening to the Bosphorus.