Beşiktas Wellbeing Service on Eurocities Newsletter

Eurocities Newsletter mentions the services of the Beşiktaş Municipality on its July 2015 issue.

Eurocities (Association of the European Metropolitan Cities), which the Beşiktaş Municipality became a member of last year, made news on Eurocities Flash, its monthly newsletter, about the Wellbeing Service and Social Alarm Service of the Beşiktaş Municipality. In January 2013, the Beşiktaş Municipality, which has a senior population two times more than the average of Turkey, introduced the Wellbeing Service Project oriented to satisfy the basic needs of the elderly residents as a result of the several surveys conducted.

Another service of ours mentioned in the July issue of the Eurocities Newsletter is the Social Alarm Service which is benefited by all our elderly citizens aged 75+ and enables them to contact their relatives or to call an ambulance in case of emergency. It is cited in the Eurocities Newsletter that these services are crucial to help a major part of the population living in Beşiktaş feel at ease and secure, and to enable the elders to live more freely by increasing their standards of life.

The Eurocities Newsletter is distributed throughout all the member cities of the association. This monthly newsletter is available for those concerned as both a printed publication and through an online subscription (Eurocities Flash).”

What is Eurocities?

Founded in 1986, Eurocities is a network of local governments, which is composed of the capital cities and metropolitan cities in Europe, and aims to strengthen the cultural, economic and social cooperation of the member cities. Having its headquarters in Brussels, Eurocities acts as a platform which enables its member European cities to exchange their knowledge and experiences regarding cultural, economic, social-political, environmental affairs and so on, to analyze their common problems and develop innovative solutions in cooperation. It also aims to encourage the member cities to conduct joint projects and practices by holding meetings where it collects proper suggestions on various affairs enabling a broad participation environment. The Beşiktaş Municipality has been a member of Eurocities since October 2014.

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