Ramadan Is More Beautiful in Beşiktaş!

The Beşiktaş Municipality is holding street iftars and Ramadan events in many spots in Beşiktaş.

The Beşiktaş Municipality revives old-time Istanbul scenes through street iftars and Ramadan events in a lot of points in Beşiktaş.

Beşiktaş Municipality Ready for Ramadan!

The Beşiktaş Municipality has finalized all their preparations for the iftar and Ramadan events they are going to hold in many spots of the district within the scope of the Month of Ramadan.

On each day of the Month of Ramadan, the Beşiktaş Municipality is going to host iftars for 1000 citizens in Ortaköy Square, 5000 in Barbaros Square, 600 in Abbasağa Park and 300 in Uğur Mumcu Park.

Setting Up an Iftar Tent in Barbaros Square…

A special tent is being set up in the Barbaros Square where the citizens can break fast. The iftar that will be held in the Ramadan tent will be followed by the Ramadan program that includes Fasıl* concert and several conversations.

In addition, live Sufi Music* concerts will be performed in the iftar tent in the Barbaros Square each day.

Iftar on the Bosphorus in Ortaköy!

Iftars will be offered to the citizens at the tables laid in the Ortaköy Square accompanied by the gorgeous Bosphorus view. And after the iftar, several Ramadan entertainments will be served to the citizens of Beşiktaş on the stage set in the square.

Iftars to Be Offered in Abbasağa Park and Uğur Mumcu Park Every Day Throughout the Month of Ramadan ...

The other iftar spots prepared by the Beşiktaş Municipality will be in Abbasağa Park and Uğur Mumcu Park… Iftar feasts will be offered at the tables set within these two parks during the Ramadan.

"Soup Fountains" to those who cannot get to their houses in time

"Soup Fountains", set up on busy transportation points will help those citizens who are not able to make it to their houses in time.

*Fasıl Music is a sort of classical Turkish music.

Sufi Music is the devotional music of the Sufis.