KısaKes Hosts 1470 Films from 101 Countries!

KısaKes International Short Film Festival Hosts 1470 Films from 101 Countries!

KısaKes (CutItShort) International Short Film Festival is the first and only short film festival organized by young artists and art-lovers again for young artists all over the world, by means of which young people are given the opportunity to express their problems, amusement, hopes, dreams, and also their plans and worries regarding the future; in short, their own world, through the common language of cinema.

KısaKes International Short Film Festival, the second of which is being organized with the support of the Beşiktaş Municipality on 27-30 September 2016, has shattered a record with 1470 film applications from a total of 101 countries.

KısaKes International Short Film Festival brings together international cinema professionals and young artists through events such as workshops, special thematic outdoor screenings, conversations, acquaintance at the Ortaköy Orphanage (Ortaköy Yetimhanesi). The festival ends with the award ceremony to be held at the St. Benoit High School on September 30.

At the award ceremony, the short films to be elected as the best among the students’ films, and also the contestants whose projects are to be supported in the ‘Pitching’ category with the theme ‘migration’ shall be awarded with surprise prizes. ‘The Best Students’ Short Film’ will be determined by the evaluation of the jury comprising of Vecdi Sayar, Farid Eslam, Ayşe Ünal and Theron Patterson; and in the ‘Pitching Category’ the contestants will be presenting their projects to the taste of the jury comprising of the film maker Zeynep Atakan, New York University lecturer Selçuk Şirin, the director Hakan Algül and the BAUMUS founding director Ulaş Sunata in order to be awarded with the production support for their projects.

As part of the Festival, there will be various workshops by famous professionals such as Harika Uygur about acting, Derviş Zaim about directing, MayAna Creatives about animation, Nesra Gürbüz about production, and Istanbul Post Production about post production. The audience will have the opportunity to watch not only the films awarded with prizes but also some other short films through the screenings under the topic ‘Short Films by Masters (Ustalardan Kısa’lar)’ and ‘Midnight Horror Short Films (Gece Yarısı Korku Kısaları)’. And the surprise guest of the Festival will be Ümmiye Koçak, who is known with the ‘Arslanköy Women’s Theatre Company’ (Arslanköy Kadınlar Tiyatro Topluluğu)’ she founded in Mersin and whose film ‘Bez Bebek’ has been awarded with international prizes. Besides, the solo exhibition of the singer Can Bonomo will be exhibited at the Ortaköy Orphanage during the Festival.

The award ceremony starts at 20:30 on Friday, September 30, after the closing cocktail to be held at 19.30.

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