Happy International Youth Day August 12!

Happy International Youth Day August 12!

Beşiktaş Keeps Standing with Youth!

The International Youth Day was first designated and celebrated by the United Nations on August 12, 1999, aimed at drawing attention to various cultural and legal issues and matters regarding young people. The essential objective of this day is to discuss issues like how to strengthen national capacity in youth-focused areas and how to increase opportunities for a full, efficient and constructive participation in society. International volunteering, which is one of these opportunities, provides young people with several achievements such as getting to know other countries and cultures, meeting new people, deciding their next steps in life, improving their skills and the motivation to help other people.

With the belief that young people are the cornerstone of the future of our country, our municipality, having provided over 100 young people with the opportunity to participate in projects abroad through European Union programs, will continue to offer opportunities for young people via three different European Union projects in the period after the pandemic.

Our European Union Voluntary Projects Will Continue!
Our projects, which will continue after the pandemic process, will take place in Portugal’s Portimão and Spain’s Malaga. The projects can be applied by all young people between 18-30 years of ages and will last for one or two months. As part of the Project, all expenses including travel, food, accommodation, visa and pocket money will be covered by the EU. The participants who complete the voluntary service as part of the weekly program will be entitled to receive the internationally recognized Youthpass Certificate when the project is completed.

You can fill in the Pre-Application Form if you wish to gain an international experience and to participate our projects that will start after the pandemic process. 

For detailed information:
Beşiktaş Municipality
Foreign Affairs Directorate
Tel: +90 212 319 42 42 (Ext. 2009)
E-mail: euproject@besiktas.bel.tr