EUROCITIES Gives Wide Publicity to Beşiktaş for Model Works!

EUROCITIES Gives Wide Publicity to Beşiktaş for Model Works!


The Beşiktaş Municipality found a place on the web site of the EUROCITIES for the applications carried out against the COVID-19 outbreak…

EUROCITIES, known as the Union of the European Cities, shares on its web site the exemplary efforts performed across Europe against the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, which has influenced the whole world.

As the Beşiktaş Municipality, we also appeared on the website of the EUROCITIES for the activities we have carried out since the beginning of the epidemic. Setting an example to other municipalities with our precautions and efforts against the epidemic, we were also shown among the exemplary municipalities at EUROCITIES, which is one of Europe's most important platforms.

Psychological Counseling, Family Counseling, Dietitian and Physiotherapy Services, all of which we provide free-of-charge through online platforms as the Beşiktaş Municipality, received praise from the EUROCITIES. Another topic highlighted was our effort to ensure that street animals are able to reach out to food at over 300 points against the risk of starvation after our citizens complied with our #StayHome call and the restaurants, cafés and similar places in our district were closed. Our final efforts mentioned by the EUROCITIES were the programs for children broadcast on our Municipality's official YouTube channel, Gender Mainstreaming Awareness Campaign, Online Blessing Box Solidarity Project, Online Parade on Children’s Day, Doctors Online and Waste collection of masks & gloves, Online Classes and Children choir on Mother’s Day.

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• Services we provide for our elderly citizens and also for all the citizens of Beşiktaş: "Aid to Residents"

• Feeding Street Animals: "None Left Hungry"

• Programs for Children: "Broadcasts for Children

• Gender Mainstreaming Awareness Campaign: "Gender Equality"

• Online Blessing Box Solidarity Project: "Online Solidarity"

• Online Parade: "Online Parade on Children’s Day"

• Online Live-Video Medical Advice Service: "Online Doctors"

• A New Practice for Proper Collection of Waste Masks & Gloves: "Waste Collection of Masks and Gloves"

• Beşiktaş Academy - Online Classes: "New Educative Channel"

• Beşiktaş Municipality’s Children’s Choir: "Children Choir on Mother’s Day"



EUROCITIES is the network of major European cities. The network brings together the local governments of about 190 large cities in 39 European countries. Founded in 1986, EUROCITIES is a network of local governments, which is composed of the major capital cities and metropolitan cities in Europe, and aims to strengthen the cultural, economic and social cooperation of the member cities.

Having its headquarters in Brussels, Eurocities acts as a platform which enables its member European cities to exchange their knowledge and experiences regarding cultural, economic, social-political, environmental affairs and so on, to analyze their common problems and develop innovative solutions in cooperation. It also aims to encourage the member cities to conduct joint projects and practices by holding meetings where it collects proper suggestions on various affairs enabling a broad participation environment. The Beşiktaş Municipality has been a member of Eurocities since October 2014.


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