Having formerly applied to the Ministry For the EU Affairs in January 2017 and being qualified as an accredited institution, the Beşiktaş Municipality now starts to carry out their first European Voluntary Service (EVS) project.

The EVS Project named “Beşiktaş’s Youth Across the Borders”, designed and submitted by the Beşiktaş Municipality to the Ministry For the EU Affairs was approved by the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes and entitled to receive grant.

Within the scope of the Project, 4 people to be chosen among candidates aged 17-30 will participate in voluntary youth activities for a period of two months at the youth center in Poggiardo, Italy.

Participation in the Beşiktaş’s Youth Across the BordersEVS Project is Free-Of-Charge!
All the expenses including travel, accommodation, food, health insurance, monthly allowance and other expenses will be covered by the Ministry For the EU Affairs and the Beşiktaş Municipality.

If you want to be one of the volunteers, do not miss out the detailed information and announcement to be posted on the website of our Municipality. 

For detailed information about the projects carried out by our Foreign Affairs Directorate, you can visit our Municipality or reach out to our EVS coordinator by e-mail foreignaffairs@besiktas.bel.tr.

What is European Voluntary Service (EVS)?
The European Voluntary Service (EVS), which is open to all young people aged17-30, is an activity that enables participation in a social project in a EU state for periods of 2-12 months. 

The goal of the EVS is to support the engagement and participation of the youth to various voluntary activities carried out inside and outside the European Union. The EVS also offers young people the opportunity to take part in voluntary services at governmental and non-governmental organizations in various countries.

For detailed information about EVS, you can visit the website of the Turkish National Agency www.ua.gov.tr under the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes.