Beşiktaş Municipality’s Expat Center Hosted Erasmus Students!

Beşiktaş Municipality’s Expat Center Hosted Erasmus Students!


The Beşiktaş Municipality held a publicity event with the participation of the foreign students studying at the Bahçeşehir University on Erasmus Program.

As the favorite district of the foreign residents having settled in Istanbul in recent years, Beşiktaş now goes beyond being a part of the daily sightseeing schedules of tourists and becomes a living space for foreigners and foreign students as well. It is regarded not only as a center for education but also a destination of residence for especially Erasmus students studying at the universities located in our district. 

As part of the promotional activities aimed at foreigners living in Beşiktaş, our Municipality hosted the Erasmus students of the Bahçeşehir University at our Expat Center, which is the first expat center ever in Turkey. Through the full-day event, the students had the opportunity to get to further know Beşiktaş, receiving answers to their questions about our district.  

The most important mission of our Center is to carry out fruitful works in cooperation with our fellow foreign citizens who live both inside and outside our district, by establishing coordination between related units…

In this context, at the event we held with the attendance of foreign exchange students (such as Erasmus, PhD. and private) who are mainly our target group, we provided them with some presentations and information about their probable daily life problems here, bureaucratic procedures they have to carry out during their stay, about where they can get support from, and also about the topics they wanted to learn or were interested in. 

Our Center also intends to provide foreign students with support about their cultural activities and enrich current exchange programs in the long run.

Beşiktaş Municipality’s Expat Center aims to put into practice the notions such as solidarity, understanding and reconciliation, which are generally used for improving foreign relations; to      accelerate the adaptation process of our foreign guests and residents to the local community, while changing the perspective of the local community about foreigners. We hope that our Center will continue carrying the values of Beşiktaş to other parts of the world, through this bridge established with this understanding.