Beşiktaş Municipality Wins Awards in 5 Different Categories!

Beşiktaş Municipality Wins Awards in 5 Different Categories!

Beşiktaş Municipality has achieved 3 Polaris Awards with the project “Have You Read the Istanbul Convention?”

Istanbul Convention that aims to protect the women’s rights and prevent the violence against women has become the biggest topic on the national agenda recently. The social media contents trying to explain the real purpose of the convention have attracted a great deal of attention from various segments of the society.

In an agenda like this, the Beşiktaş Municipality asked a simple question; “Have You Read the Istanbul Convention Yet?”

The efforts of the Beşiktaş Municipality aimed at raising awareness about the subject via QR codes hanged all around the city helped everyone to reach the convention easily and have been considered worthy of 3 awards in the categories of Public Affairs (bronze), Outdoor (silver) and Mobile Campaigns (silver) at the award ceremony of the EAPC Polaris Awards.

With the project “A Path Won’t Leave Any Mind”, Beşiktaş Municipality has been granted another 2 Polaris Awards.

Dedicated to commemorate our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on his death anniversary on November 10, the road adorned with Atatürk’s photos was put into the Yandex Navi application with the motto “In Beşiktaş, every street and road will lead to this memorable path, and this path won’t leave any mind!”.

Being Turkey’s first navigation exhibition, the project referred to the street located in front of the Dolmabahçe Palace and named “A Path Won’t Leave Any Mind”.

With its number of visitation and positive feedback from the public, the project won 2 Polaris Awards in the categories of Craft / Best User Experience (silver) and Craft / Best Use of Gamification (bronze).

About EAPC Polaris Awards: It is a global competition rewarding exceptional work in political management, election campaigning and public affairs. It is organized annually with the participation of organizations, companies and/or individuals from around the world involved in the creation and execution of political campaigns and public affairs programs.

Entries are judged by an international panel of political management experts including campaign managers, political consultants, communications professionals and academics. Awards are handed out in 18 categories based on the techniques and the media used.

The name of the awards pays reference to the Pole star which has guided explorers and pioneers for thousands of years as political advisors guide leaders, candidates, and movements today.