Beşiktaş Municipality Launches City Card Initiative!

Beşiktaş Municipality Launches City Card Initiative!

We have added another link to our service chain in order to stand by the small business owners and retailers in our district and to provide our citizens with more advantageous shopping opportunities…

We Continue to Support Small Business Owners and Retailers 
Thanks to our City Card application, which we plan to deliver to all our citizens living in Beşiktaş, we aim to boost the business owners and retailers by supporting them, and to strengthen the sense of belonging of our citizens to our district. With our City Card initiative, both businesses in Beşiktaş will become stronger and our citizens will be provided with advantageous shopping opportunities.

What is City Card?
It is a card that allows Beşiktaş citizens to shop at a discount from the shops and retailers located in Beşiktaş. The discount amount determined by the businesses is loaded to the City Card so that our citizens can automatically benefit from that discount. Not only does the City Card improve the local economy of our district, but it also makes it is easier for the citizens of Beşiktaş to access services at a cheaper price.

Where Can the City Card Be Used?
The City Card is accepted at the contracted shops and retailers in Beşiktaş. It can be used in a wide range of markets, health institutions, courier companies, hairdressers, restaurants, cafes and banks. Please click for a list of discounted businesses…

What is the Role of Businesses and Retailers on This Application?
First, business owners and retailers fill out their City Card undertaking forms and submit them to our municipality. If it is found appropriate after the necessary examination has been made, the business is listed on the application and uploaded to the system by our municipality through the City Card application. Business owners and retailers inform our municipality about the promotion they plan to offer so that the advantages such as discounts and campaigns can be easily seen by our citizens on the system. Business names and discount rates are regularly updated on our website and mobile application.

How Can I Possess a City Card?
Please fill in the form at the application page on the web site semtkart.besiktas.bel.tr.