Beşiktaş Launches “Recycle & Win” Application!

Beşiktaş Launches “Recycle & Win” Application!

The waste saved by the Beşiktaş residents by separating at home has started to be collected by our Municipality through the "Recycle & Win" application…

Another meaningful project has been initiated in Beşiktaş as part of June 5, the World Environment Day. Our Municipality has unveiled the Recycle & Win application with the purpose of recycling waste material such as package, glass, textile, e-waste, waste vegetable oil, waste battery etc... As part of the project, special discounts will be given to our residents, who download the Recycle & Win application to their mobile phones, sort the most waste and deliver them to our municipal teams, from various venues in Beşiktaş in return for the points they have collected via the application.

About the Application
The Recycle & Win application provides our citizens living in Beşiktaş with the opportunity to separate waste at the source and easily make their requests for waste collection. The application can be downloaded free-of-charge on mobile phones with IOS and Android operating systems. Textile, waste vegetable oil, waste batteries, e-waste (electrical and electronic wastes such as white appliances and small home appliances), packaging (paper, glass, metal and plastic wastes) wastes, etc. collected separately from domestic wastes are collected through the application. Having separated their wastes, our citizens make an appointment through the application and deliver them to our municipal teams. While receiving the waste, our collection teams scan the 2-d barcode on the application, so that the amount of waste delivered can be followed up-to-date on the system. The application immediately calculates the amount of the carbon emissions reduced and loads the points of the users for them into the system.

Surprise Gifts and Discounts!
The points uploaded via the system can be used as discounts at distinguished entertainment venues, bookstores, cafés and outdoor shopping malls located in Beşiktaş. Once they reach the thresholds of 50, 100, 150 points required to win gifts, our citizens are offered discounts at certain venues and stores.

Please click on the link below to download the Recycle & Win application.

App Store Download Link   Google Play Download Link