Beşiktaş Colour Run

Beşiktaş Colour Run

Beşiktaş Municipality is holding 19 May Youth Festival to celebrate 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. During the 5-day long 19 May Youth Festival, the parks and squares of Beşiktaş will witness colourful concerts and activities. The streets will be painted to all colours during the run on the last day of the festival.

Beşiktaş Colour Run will start on Sunday, 19 May at 18:00 from Ortaköy, and end at Barbaros Square. On the stage at the Barbarossa Square, Murda and Hadise will be waiting for the youth of Beşiktaş.

We invite all the youth to the Beşiktaş Youth Festival. Click here for the festival programme.

Beşiktaş Colour Run

Date: 19 May 2024

Time: 18:00

Starting Point: Ortaköy

Destination: Barbarossa Square

Important Details

· Powders are coloured with food dye.

· For a more colourful look at the festival, you can buy the white t-shirts distributed before the event.

· T-shirts can be obtained from the information and registration tents at Beşiktaş Square on 13-18 May, and Cüneyt Arkın Artists Park on 16-17 May. You can also get your white t-shirts from the tents in front of the kumpir stalls at the Ortaköy Square on the day of the event.

· The powders are designed to leave no stains on the clothes. It can be removed by washing, but it may stain some types of fabrics.

· We recommend you to keep the powders away from your eyes just in case. We suggest that the participants wearing contact lenses should pay extra attention.

· After the run, we suggest you to shake off all the powder before cleaning yourself with water. You can remove the coloured powder from your clothes by stopping by visiting the air blowing station at the event area.