Beşiktaş Becoming the Capital of Culture and Arts!

Beşiktaş Becoming the Capital of Culture and Arts!

Beşiktaş Municipality is heading forward to make Beşiktaş the capital of culture and arts by implementing many new projects such as libraries, cultural centers, and museums. Republic Museum, Oruç Aruoba Library, Afife Jale Stage, Cat Museum, and Town Library will soon be open to the public.

Republic Museum

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, Beşiktaş Municipality will open the Republic Museum, which will shed light on Turkey's democratic and enlightened history. All citizens will be able to view the works and archives gifted to the Museum by Zülfü Livaneli, one of our country's precious values, in the disciplines of literature, music, and cinema.

Furthermore, the Oruç Aruoba Library, named after one of our country's most prominent philosophers, academicians, poets, and writers, Oruç Aruoba, will open with a capacity of 50 thousand books and 30 thousand digital material. The Afife Jale Stage in Ortaköy Cultural Center will meet with art enthusiasts as soon as the reconstruction works are completed.

Cat Museum Will Open

Beşiktaş Municipality is opening the Cat Museum, the first animal-themed museum in our country, with the significant contributions of Sunay Akın, one of our country's respected culture and arts figures. The emblematic cats from history, fairy tales, toys, games, and comics will all be brought together under one roof at this museum.

Town Library is Underway

Beşiktaş Municipality designed a new town library to be located in the Ortaköy Valley. In collaboration with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, within the framework of the Ortaköy Valley project, we will build a contemporary library fitting to modern age criteria to meet the needs of Beşiktaş, even Istanbul.

Altan Öymen Donates His Library to Beşiktaş Municipality

Former CHP Chairperson journalist-writer Altan Öymen donated around 10,000 valuable books in many languages, including Turkish, English, German, and French, to Beşiktaş, in order to shed light on future generations. The artworks will be accessible in the Altan Öymen Library at the Zübeyde Ana Culture and Art Center.