We Have Opened Our Dormitories to Healthcare Professionals!

We Have Opened Our Dormitories to Healthcare Professionals!

Healthcare Professionals have been quartered at our Municipality’s student dormitories in Beşiktaş…

As the Beşiktaş Municipality, we have allocated both of our dormitories with a capacity of 185 beds in total to healthcare professionals who could not go to their homes during these days when our country goes through such a difficult time due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. After our Mayor Mr. Rıza Akpolat’s call, healthcare worker started to be hosted at our dormitories as of March 25.

The biggest fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, which affects the whole world, is given by those working in the healthcare industry. As part of this struggle and with the proposal of our Mayor Mr. Rıza Akpolat, our Municipality decided to bring our dormitories to the service of the healthcare professionals who bear the highest level of risk and don’t want to go home after they leave hospitals in order to avoid risking their family members.     

Our dormitories, which remain vacant after the holidays, have been hosting healthcare professionals since 25 March.

“In this fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, the Beşiktaş Municipality was with us and was kind enough to open their dormitories to us” says Mr. Nusret Can Güngör, who is one of the doctors hosted at our Özgecan Aslan Higher Education Dormitory for Girls. Mr. Mecit Atlı, another professional staying at the dormitory says: “Thanks to the Beşiktaş Municipality, we eliminated the risk of transmitting the virus to our family and close environment". An Emergency Medical Technician Ms. Türkay Tandoğan says: “All our needs are well provided here and we have a place to stay. They give us two meals a day. All kinds of hygiene and disinfection works are neatly performed and we really feel home here. We would like to thank the Beşiktaş Municipality for all these services and for their kindness”.       

Mayor Rıza Akpolat: "We stand with all those people who fight for public health"

Mayor Akpolat said "After the start of the coronavirus outbreak, we became the first to take this step in order to keep healthcare professionals and their families safe and allocated our dormitories to the service of those heroes. And we will always continue standing up with everyone who fights bravely for the public health".

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