‘Staff Exchange Project’ with our Sister City Herne

‘Staff Exchange Project’ with our Sister City Herne

The first step of the ‘Staff Exchange Project’ between the Beşiktaş Municipality and the Herne Municipality was carried out in Herne, Germany.

Within the frame of the sister city protocol signed in 2016 between the Beşiktaş Municipality and the Herne Municipality of Germany, the two municipalities have started to carry out joint projects with the purpose of strengthening their long-term sustainable cooperation. As part of this cooperation, the first practice of the Staff Exchange Project’, which is aimed at enhancing the means of exchanging information and experience between the staff members of both municipalities, was conducted in Herne in the previous days.    

For this very first phase of the project performed in Herne; Beşiktaş Municipality’s Municipal Police Director Selçuk Bartınlı, accompanied by 4 municipal police officers, went to Herne in representation of the Beşiktaş Municipality and performed a series of mutual activities together including market place inspections, notifications, provision of general order, prevention of beggary, traffic practices, incorrect parking, radar, maintaining general traffic order, inspection and control. The staff members of the Beşiktaş Municipality and the Herne Municipality had the opportunity to exchange their experiences and knowledge thanks to these mutual practices.

As part of the project practices, the delegation of the Beşiktaş Municipality was also provided with information and practices about the events of the Herne Municipality such as Cranger Kirmes, Flower Festival, Cultural Festival and the opening week of the Integration Council.

The Herne Municipality also organized a commemoration ceremony for those we lost at the terrorist attack perpetrated in our district and the flags of the Herne City Hall were flown at half-staff. 

Current and future mutual projects were discussed at the meeting held at the Council Chamber of the Herne Municipality with the attendance of the Herne Mayor Dr. Frank Dudda.

The practices of the ‘Staff Exchange Project’ between the two municipalities will continue in 2017 as well.