Short Film Workshop for Kids: "My Film Beşiktaş"

Short Film Workshop for Kids: "My Film Beşiktaş"

Women Solidarity and Life Center continues to organize new workshops for kids.

Our municipality is organizing a short film workshop between 26th May and 19th June with the theme of “My Film Beşiktaş” that will take 4 weeks. The workshop for children between 9-12 years old will include screenwriting, turning scripts into video and editing courses and these processes will be shown to children practically enabling kids to show Beşiktaş from their own imagination. The workshop to take place with participation of Ibrahim Iris who is an actor, screenwriter and acting coach will give chance to children to transform their stories and living spaces into a short movie.

About the Workshop
“My Film Beşiktaş” Short Film Workshop for Children aims to encourage children to experience the processes of discovery, communication and expression. Participating children will be able to engage in a versatile artistic production with intellectual, cognitive, emotional and physical activities during the workshop in which unique education approaches and techniques will be featured. The workshop far from rote learning will enable children to put forward unique films working their creativity and productivity. As for the short films generated at the end of the workshop, a gala to which producers and directors attend will be organized.

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Rules for Participation and Details
• The workshop is free of charge.
• Attendance is compulsory.
• The workshop is for the kids between 9 and 12 years old.
• The application of the kids whose residence in Beşiktaş will be prioritized.
• Pre-registration is necessary. You can send an e-mail to the address below.
• Quota is 15 children.

Date: 26 May-19 June 2022
Place: Women Solidarity and Life Center
Address: Levent Mah. Yasemin Sok. No: 2 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

For Details and Pre-Registration:
E-mail: kadindayanismaveyasam@besiktas.bel.tr
Phone: 0212 319 42 42 - 5022