The Renovated World Peace Park Was Opened

The Renovated World Peace Park Was Opened

World Peace Park, which has been serving Beşiktaş residents for more than 25 years and has been unable to meet the needs anymore due to neglect, has been renewed.

The renewed World Peace Park was opened to the service of our neighbors with a ceremony held on September 1, on the World Peace Day. With Beşiktaş Mayor Rıza Akpolat, political party representatives and religious leaders also attended the opening ceremony.

Our neighbors had requested our municipality to renew the park due to the insufficiency of children's playgrounds and malfunctioning of the lighting system. Upon this request, our related directorates took immediate action and completed the renovation in a short time.

As a result, the children's playgrounds were renewed, expanded, and redesigned to appeal to children of all ages. The walking trails of the park are customized by disability access ramps. A mini-amphitheater was installed in the center of the park to create a space for neighborhood meetings and events. As an important need for our dear little friends and stray animals, a dog walking area was provided. Also, the board and the world sculpture on which is written ‘peace’ in various languages ​​is more visible now.

Beşiktaş Mayor Rıza Akpolat made a speech before the opening ceremony, emphasizing the importance of the World Peace Day and told the neighbors about the renovation works carried out in the park.

President Akpolat; "We are opening our park together on the World Peace Day. Of course, the Covid-19 process is continuing and therefore we are holding today's opening with very limited participants. The renovation works of this park have been continuing for four months. I thank our neighbors for their patience. As the name of our park is the World Peace Park, we should also mention the importance of peace. Since our Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk spent a significant part of his life fighting for his homeland on the fronts, he said that ‘Unless a nation's life faces peril, war is murder’ and his principle was ‘Peace at Home, Peace in the World’. By following the footsteps of Atatürk, it is our most important duty to defend peace with determination as long as there is no threat to our country. With our World Peace Park, we are giving messages of peace and brotherhood from Beşiktaş to the whole world.

Our park, which has not been renovated for 20 years, was in the process of losing its functionality. We also took advantage of the demands of our neighbors and opened a brand new park for their service. On this occasion, I wish you a happy World Peace Day.”

After the speeches, a ribbon-cutting ceremony held and the World Peace Park was opened to the service of our neighbors in its renewed form.