Registrations for Enez Summer Camp Start!

The registrations for the “Enez Summer Camp” to be organized by the Beşiktaş Municipality for children and teenagers have started.

The camp, which is aimed at students and free of charge, will take place in Edirne, Enez this year. During the Enez Summer Camp, which will last for 6 nights and 7 days, the children will be staying at the Enez Social Facilities (Enez Sosyal Tesisleri) of Istanbul University in Edirne.

At the Enez Summer Camp, there will be plenty of amusing activities, sports events and educations. Two age groups have been established as 9-14 and 14-17 in order to ensure that the educations to be provided to the children will be more fruitful and the children will enjoy themselves in a better way with their own coevals. The Camp will be held as 5 periods and 160 children will be attending in each period. The only criterion to be accepted to the Camp is being a student at a school in the district of Beşiktaş.

Final Application Date: June 24, 2015

Those who would like to register for the Camp may apply to the Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs on the 4th floor in the Levent Service Building of the Beşiktaş Municipality, bringing the below mentioned documents required for the registration. The applications end on Monday, June 24, 2015.

Documents Required for the Registration

1 Photo

Copy of the ID Card

Copy of the School Report

Health Report

Certificate of Permission (will be provided by our Municipality during the registration)

Survey (will be provided by our Municipality during the registration)

Camp Periods

1. June 29 - July 5 (14 - 17 age group)

2. July 6 - July 12 (14 - 17 age group)

3. August 17 - August 23 (the age group to be determined according to the participation density)

4. August 24 - August 30 (9 - 14 age group)

5. August 31 - September 6 (9 - 14 age group)

*Being a student at a school in the district of Beşiktaş is an essential condition.