Mayor Hazinedar Handed Over His Duty to Herne Mayor Dr. Frank Dudda for 1 Day!

Mayor Hazinedar Handed Over His Duty to Herne Mayor Dr. Frank Dudda for 1 Day!

The Beşiktaş Municipality hosted the delegation from the sister city Herne Municipality. Beşiktaş Mayor Atty. Murat Hazinedar symbolically left his chair and transferred his authority to Dr. Frank Dudda, the Mayor of our sister city Herne, Germany for 1 day as part of the ‘Mayor Exchange Programme’. Dr. Dudda worked as the Mayor of the Beşiktaş Municipality and also chaired the City Council Meeting held at the Beşiktaş City Hall during the 1 day programme.

 Mayor Hazinedar and the staff of the Beşiktaş Municipality welcomed his counterpart Dr. Frank Dudda and the delegation accompanying him with a ceremony performed outside the Beşiktaş City Hall.

“We have established an empathy and friendship bridge between Beşiktaş and Herne”

After the minute of silence and singing national anthems, the Mayors gave speeches. Mayor Hazinedar said, "We are hosting the Herne Mayor Mr. Frank Dudda and his delegation as part of the Mayor Exchange Programme. Through this programme, probably practiced for the first time in the world, we have been establishing an empathy and friendship bridge even stronger between Beşiktaş and Herne". 

After the ceremony, Mayor Hazinedar handed over the key of the city as well as his chair to Mayor Dudda at his office. Mr. Hazinedar said "I wish my dear counterpart Dr. Frank Dudda a successful term of office as the new Mayor of the Beşiktaş Municipality".

After the transfer ceremony, Mayor Dr. Frank Dudda paid visits to the tradesmen and shopkeepers in downtown Levent and also made some on-site examinations. Mr. Dudda then attended the meeting held between the Herne Delegation and the Yapı Kredi Bank and also obtained information about the banking system in Turkey. He later met Mayor Hazinedar and together they visited the Beşiktaş Municipality’s ‘Unutmamak Müzesi’ (Remembrance Museum) at the Mustafa Kemal Cultural Center. In the evening, the Beşiktaş Municipality organized a dinner in honor of the Mayor Dr. Frank Dudda and his delegation. The dinner was also attended by the German SDP Parliament Deputy Michelle Müntefering and the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Istanbul.

On Friday, February 3, Mayor Dudda attended and chaired the City Council Meeting. As part of the programme; Mayor Dudda, Mayor Hazinedar, German SDP Parliament Deputy Michelle Müntefering, and the Herne delegation visited the ‘Şehitler Tepesi’ (Hill of Martyrs) first and then left a wreath outside the Reina Night Club in order to commemorate those who lost their lives at the terrorist attacks. The delegation then went to Ortaköy and paid a condolence visit to the family of Batuhan Ergin, who lost his life during the failed coup attempt on July 15.

And finally Mayor Frank Dudda attended the license and permit ceremony held in the Municipal Hall. Mr. Dudda handed in the working licenses to the Beşiktaş citizens and wished them a prosperous business. Completing his busy schedule of two days, Herne Mayor Dr. Frank Dudda and the Herne delegation said goodbye to the staff of the Beşiktaş Municipality and returned to Germany. Before his departure, Mr. Dudda said, “We are really happy with our visit, which we believe that will also contribute to the relations between the two countries. We would like to thank so much to the Mayor Atty. Murat Hazinedar, to the staff of the Beşiktaş Municipality and all the citizens of Beşiktaş for their warm hospitality". 

(*) Beşiktaş Municipality Mayor Exchange Program

Cities forming an environment of radical changes in today’s world are the most effective elements in contributing to the establishment of world peace through the exchange of knowledge and experience between peoples with different cultural heritage. From this point, the Mayor Exchange Program is a symbolic exchange of mayors for 1-2 days between the cities with the aims of;

  • the exchange of knowledge guided by the commitment to foster the dialogue between cultures
  • promoting empathy, understanding and tolerance between countries and nations
  • strengthening friendship and cooperation between the two cities,
  • sharing best practices  to develop more effective interventions to develop  city strategy and services,
  • to discuss and exchange political views,
  • any other activities for the purpose of promoting goodwill  and friendship between the two cities.

Through the program, mayors will symbolically take over the position and authority of another mayor and transfer his to that mayor as well. Mayors can have a driving/walking  tour of the community, visits to specific facilities which might include city hall, new or innovative city services (a community center, senior center, public housing, waste treatment plant, industrial park, etc.), local industries, historical or scenic sites, a problematic area newly  discovered or solved or to inspect/open/launch  new municipality service or facility.

This way, mayors will have the opportunity to follow up and experience practices of municipalities in other countries, to exchange knowledge and experiences about municipal issues. Therefore this symbolic exchange program is expected to contribute  to the improvement of global relations and dialog among cities, countries and regions, and the attainment of mutual trust and peace.