Candidates to Participate Our New EVS Project Have Been Determined!

Candidates to Participate Our New EVS Project Have Been Determined!

The participants to the Beşiktaş Municipality’s new European Voluntary Service (EVS) Projects were selected via drawing of lots.

The European Voluntary Service, conducted as part of the Erasmus+ Program of the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes under the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is one of the greatest opportunities that provide young people with the chance to take part in international activities and gain experience abroad. 

As part of the EVS Projects designed by the Beşiktaş Municipality’s Foreign Affairs Directorate, a total of 6 young people aged 18-30 will render voluntary youth services in various cultural projects in Italy’s Bari and Sicily for a period of 2 months (59 days). The expenses including visa, travel, accommodation, food, health insurance and also allowances will be covered from the grant received from the European Union.

We announced a call on our Municipality’s web site last month for three European Union Projects – “Beşiktaş’s Youth in Europe”, “Multicultural EVS in Beşiktaş” and “EVS for the Youth of Beşiktaş”. 6 volunteers to participate were selected by drawing of lots among the youngsters who applied for the projects. 

The drawing was performed with the attendance of the candidates and the Beşiktaş Mayor Rıza Akpolat at the Levent City Hall. At the ceremony, Mr. Akpolat said, “Today we have gathered to determine the volunteers to participate our EVS Projects funded by the EU. We extend our thanks to the 88 young people who have applied to our Projects from various cities in Turkey. The 6 people determined will be rendering voluntary service in Italy through these Projects. I wish you all good luck at the drawing, which we will perform now before all of you pursuant to the principle of equal opportunity and transparency.’’.  

The winners of the drawing of lots, who will go to Bari and Sicily for the voluntary youth service between the dates June 10, 2019 - August 7, 2019, are listed below according to the order of drawing.

1- İlayda Say
2- Güneş Saygılı
3- Batuhan Çiftçi
4- Dilara Mert
5- Hande Karasu
6- Yağmur Atılgan

We extend our thanks to all the candidates for their interest in our Projects.

For the future announcements regarding our EVS projects, please stay tuned on our web site besiktas.bel.tr 

For detailed information, please talk to the Foreign Affairs Directorate of the Beşiktaş Municipality through the channels below.

Tel: 0212 319 42 42 / (Ext. 4258)

 E-mail: foreignaffairs@besiktas.bel.tr