A Bridge of Fellowship Between Beşiktaş and Brăila!

A Bridge of Fellowship Between Beşiktaş and Brăila!

A delegation from the Beşiktaş Municipality participated in the “Brăila Days” Festival in the City of Brăila in Romania.

Last May, the Beşiktaş Municipality and the Brăila Municipality signed a sister city agreement and the Brăila Municipality invited our Municipality to join them in the traditional “Brăila Days” event held every year in Brăila. In representation of the Beşiktaş Municipality, a delegation of 5 people including Mr. Kemal Koç, who is an Advisor to the Mayor, and the staff members who carry out the Quality Control process of our Municipality travelled to the beautiful City of Brăila.

On the first day of the visit, our delegation visited the Brăila Mayor Mr. Viorel Marian Dragomir in his office. Together with Mayor Dragomir, they had a city tour accompanied by a cortege made up of vintage cars. In the evening, the delegation participated in the spectacular folk dance, theatre and music events.

Our delegation took a souvenir photo with the Brăila Mayor Mr. Viorel Marian Dragomir while having a tour in the historical buildings and the streets of the city.

Our delegation met at dinner with representatives of Braila's other sister cities. The delegation  had also an opportunity to get closely acquainted with  the Mayor of the City of Prosotsani (Drama, Greece) Mr. Angelos S. Lysselis  at this friendly dinner.  Mayor Angelos  said he would send a letter to the Mayor  Hazinedar in order to offer to start a sister city process.

Mayor Dragomir hosted all the representatives from the sister cities of the Brăila Municipality in the historic Maria Filotti Theatre on Monday, August 14. Mr. Dragomir presented our delegation with various gifts symbolizing the City of Brăila. He also stated that he was really pleased about being sister cities with the Beşiktaş Municipality and said that this process will contribute to the fellowship and solidarity between Turkey and Romania. After the ceremony, they had a tour at the Danube River.

On the last day of the Festival, our delegation visited Mayor Dragomir again in his office. Later on, together with the leading figures of the City, they watched the simulated military operation and spectacle of the Romanian Naval Forces that took place at the Danube River. 

And in the evening, our delegation had dinner together with Mr. Dragomir and joined the closing concert of the Festival. Mr. Mayor informed our delegation that they will visit Istanbul and Beşiktaş in September. He also said that he was really happy to be hosting our delegation and believed that the friendship and cooperation between the both municipalities will be much stronger in the future.
After completing their visit, our delegation returned to Turkey on Thursday.