Beşiktaş Municipality Visits Herne!

Beşiktaş Municipality Visits Herne!

Upon invitation, a delegation from the Beşiktaş Municipality participated the Cranger Kirmes Festival held every year in our sister city Herne in Germany.

The Herne Municipality is holding the 582nd of the traditional Festival this year and Beşiktaş Municipality’s delegation of 6 people consisting of some municipal council members and staff members participated in this great event.

The Cranger Kirmes Festival is one of the biggest public festivals in Germany hosts about four million visitors every year. 

On August 3, the first day of the visit, the Herne Municipality held a dinner in honor of our delegation with the attendance of Ms. Andrea Oehler, the State Vice President of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU). And the next day, the delegation visited the Herne Mayor Mr. Dr. Frank Dudda in his office. Mayor Dudda, together with his colleagues, gave a warm welcome and laid emphasis on the fellowship of the two municipalities. He also stated that they were really happy about the participation of the Beşiktaş Municipality in this year’s festival.

During the visit, our delegation presented Mayor Dudda the gift of the Beşiktaş Mayor Atty. Murat Hazinedar. It was a jersey of the Beşiktaş Football Club (BJK) bearing the name of Mayor Dudda, signed by Mr. Hazinedar himself. Mr. Dudda liked the gift very much and extended his gratitude.   

After the visit, the delegations of both municipalities had a tour on the festival area and gathered with the leading figures of the city of Herne including the Parliamentarian Michelle Müntefering and the Deputy of the State Alexander Vogt. During the dinner, our delegation watched the festival shows with the Mayor Dr. Frank Dudda.

On the last day of the visit, our delegation greeted the festival cortege together with the notable representatives of the city and also had a conversation with Carina Gödecke, the Vice President of the State Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia. Ms. Gödecke stated that she was very pleased about the participation of a delegation from Turkey as it remarked a very important indication of the improvement with the Turkish-German relations. Our delegation completed their pleasing trip and returned to Beşiktaş on Sunday, May 6.