Beşiktaş Municipality Exchanges the Mayor!

Beşiktaş Municipality Exchanges the Mayor!

Beşiktaş Municipality Gets Yet Another Sister City
Upon the invitation of the Beşiktaş Municipality, the Mayor of the City of Brăila in Romania Mr. Viorel Marian Dragomir and his delegation paid a visit to Beşiktaş Municipality on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 in order to sign a Sister City Protocol and also the Mayor Exchange Program between the cities of Beşiktaş and Brăila. Mayor Hazinedar and the staff members of the Beşiktaş Municipality welcomed the delegation with a ceremony outside the Beşiktaş City Hall and the ceremony continued in the office of Mayor Hazinedar where the two mayors gave speeches.

Beşiktaş Mayor Atty. Murat Hazinedar Transfers His Duty…

Initially, a Sister City Protocol was signed between the Beşiktaş Municipality and the Brăila Municipality. And as part of this sister city relationship established between the two municipalities, the Mayor Exchange Program was also carried out between the two Mayors, through which Beşiktaş Mayor Hazinedar turned over his seat to the Brăila Mayor Dragomir for a period of two days. After the signing ceremony of the Sister City Protocol and the Mayor Exchange Program, Mayor Hazinedar handed over the key of the city and transferred his authorities to Mayor Dragomir as part of the Mayor Exchange Program. Mr. Hazinedar said "I wish my dear counterpart success in his new position of Beşiktaş Mayor for two days.”

Mr. Dragomir assumed the Mayorship of the City of Beşiktaş and governed the Municipality for two days. During his new position, Mayor Dragomir made site visits to the centers and departments of the Beşiktaş Municipality. Accompanied by the Beşiktaş Municipal Police, he also visited the tradesmen in Beşiktaş and performed license controls. On his second and final day, Mayor Dragomir visited the Republic, Democracy and Martyrs’ Memorial in Beşiktaş and left a wreath in company with Mayor Hazinedar.

As part of the Mayor Exchange Program, not only the Mayors but also the Vice Mayors and some Department Directors left their chairs to their Romanian counterparts. They worked together and made site visits and various studies.

Mayor Exchange Program

The Mayor Exchange Program was devised and developed by the Beşiktaş Mayor
Atty. Murat Hazinedar himself, and initiated by the Beşiktaş Municipality with Germany’s City of Herne to be a first globally and Romania’s City of Brăila for the second time. The Program is basically aimed at empathizing with other cultures and nations. Through the Program; mayors and directors of sister cities exchange their positions so that they get to better know each other’s cities and cultures as well as local government systems and methods. It also enables mutual sharing of experience and knowledge. Finally, the Program is expected to contribute to the relations between the two countries via joint projects and studies.