Beşiktaş Joins Eurocities’ Campaign “Cities4Europe - Europe for Citizens”!

Beşiktaş Joins Eurocities’ Campaign “Cities4Europe - Europe for Citizens”!


The Beşiktaş Municipality has been the 10th local government joining the Cities4Europe - Europe for Citizens Campaign initiated by the EUROCITIES network and scheduled to start on May 2018.

The member cities of the EUROCITIES network have started joining the Cities4Europe - Europe for Citizens Campaign, announced at the EUROCITIES 2017 event in Ljubljana on November 16th by Daniel Termont, who is the President of the EUROCITIES and also the Mayor of the Belgian City of Ghent. 13 cities registered for the campaign only one week after it was launched, including Beşiktaş, Cluj-Napoca, Dublin, Edinburgh, Genoa, Ghent, Gijon, Ljubljana, Paris, Rennes, Stuttgart, Terrassa and Zaragoza.


The campaign is aimed at showcasing successful local initiatives that engage citizens, presenting ideas for new forms of democracy, mapping out a positive, common future for Europe and enhancing participatory local democracy bringing together European cities and citizens.

During the campaign, there will be various activities in the member cities ranging from art exhibitions, to youth assemblies, from (social) media campaigns to public debates. By joining the campaign, cities agree to organize at least one activity in the framework of the Cities4Europe - Europe for Citizens

Web Site of the Campaign: cities4europe.eurocities.eu/eu-campaign

Founded in 1986, EUROCITIES is a network of local governments, which is composed of the capital cities and metropolitan cities in Europe, and aims to strengthen the cultural, economic and social cooperation of the member cities.

Having its headquarters in Brussels, Eurocities acts as a platform which enables its member European cities to exchange their knowledge and experiences regarding cultural, economic, social-political, environmental affairs and so on, to analyze their common problems and develop innovative solutions in cooperation. It also aims to encourage the member cities to conduct joint projects and practices by holding meetings where it collects proper suggestions on various affairs enabling a broad participation environment. The Beşiktaş Municipality has been a member of Eurocities since October 2014