The Beşiktaş International Flower and Garden Festival starts on May 6th…

Making Peace in Beşiktaş!

The Beşiktaş International Flower and Garden Festival is taking place on May 6th – 15th, 2016 throughout Beşiktaş including all the parks, squares and streets. The theme of the Festival this year is “Making Peace”. It is aimed to contribute to the city culture with the Festival, during which the public spaces in Beşiktaş will be used. Furthermore, the Festival aims to revive the human-nature relationship in cities, by developing the culture of personal gardening and growing flowers at home that have fallen into oblivion and by raising the society’s perception of botanic, permanent agriculture and green environment as well.

It is free-of-charge to visit and participate in the Festival, which will embrace all ages as it will offer a great platform for entertainment and an opportunity to come up for air and relax in the heart of the city not only for fellow Beşiktaş residents but also for the entire Istanbul community. In this first year of the Festival, an exhilarated atmosphere of an open-air festival will be enabled through many projects relating to the nature, soil, green and design, focusing on flowers and gardens with the participation of national and international stakeholders and attendees. There will also be scientific, educational, cultural and artistic activities.

The Chief Consultant of the Beşiktaş International Flower and Garden Festival is Stephen Bennett, who was the Director of the Chelsea Flower Show in London for 23 years. Andrew Tomlin-Fisher, who is the Head of the London College of Garden Design, is the curator of the “Garden Designs” which will be produced as part of the Festival by 15 international garden designers from various countries, mainly from Europe. In addition to the international show gardens that will be exhibited in the Festival; Beşiktaş, and also Istanbul and Turkey, will be hosting for the first time the art works of international artists representing more than 10 different disciplines. The Beşiktaş Municipality is holding a strong and social event on May 6th – 15th, 2016 with the support of about 100 companies, many national non-governmental organizations, international delegations and consulate generals, district and metropolitan municipalities, universities, national and international designers in various fields, and non-profit organizations.


Festival Areas


  • Aykut Barka Park, Ulus (Ana Park)
  • Sanatçılar Park, Etiler
  • Dünya Barış Park (World Peace Park), Fulya
  • Dilek Sabancı Park, Levent
  • Azerbaijan Friendship Park (Azerbaycan Dostluk Park), Fulya
  • Sporcular Park (Athletes’ Park), 4. Levent
  • Ulus Meyve Bahçesi (Ulus Fruit Garden), Ulus
  • Erlangen Park, 4. Levent


  • Beşiktaş Square and Downtown (Çarşı)
  • Ortaköy Square
  • Levent Downtown
  • Bebek
  • Barbaros Boulevard
  • Akaretler
  • Etiler (Nisbetiye Caddesi)

Enclosed Spaces

  • Yahudi Yetimhanesi (Jewish Orphanage), Ortaköy
  • And all the following locations in Beşiktaş;
  • State schools,
  • Selected Art Galleries
  • Selected Flower Shops and Cafés

Apart from these; all the iconic locations, streets, boulevards, streets with stairs, dead-end streets, transformers, derelict buildings, schoolyards, outdoor basketball courts, playgrounds, art galleries in Beşiktaş shall also be included in the Festival.

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