Beşiktaş is at the Forefront in ‘Human Development’!

Beşiktaş is at the Forefront in ‘Human Development’!

İNGEV (Human Development Foundation) has recently conducted a research for the year 2017 with the title ‘Human Development Index - Districts (HDI-D)’ based on the districts throughout Turkey with the purpose of promoting human development and the results have been announced.

Beşiktaş took the 1st place in the ‘Very High Human Development District’ Category (Green Category), ‘Economical Situation Index’, ‘Education Index’ and ‘Social Life Index’ and the ‘Main Index’ in 2017. Moreover, in the ‘Social Inclusion Index’, Beşiktaş earned the 2nd place after Ümraniye District. 

The Human Development Index – Districts Research, shortly HDI-D, included 186 districts, which accommodate the highest number of populations, located within the borders of all the metropolitan provinces in Turkey. The HDI-D research, composed of the components relating to social, economic and environmental factors on district level, included a total of 65 parameters of human development under the topics of governance, social inclusion, economic situation, education, health services, social life, environment and transportation. In addition to these statistical data, the research also included the “Secret Citizen” method. 

The citizens taking part in the research called the municipalities and asked questions as if they were the residents of those districts and made some requests according to 19 different scenarios. They inquired into each of the 186 districts included in the research and made an evaluation of the municipalities considering the time each municipality requires to process and conclude the requests.


The research assessed the districts in four groups; Very High Human Development, High Human Development, Middle-Level Human Development and Low Human Development. Each group is graded with one of the colors; green, blue, yellow and red respectively. This year 30 districts have been determined to bear the highest human development level (green color).


The Districts in the Very High Human Development (Green Category) this year are as follows:


1. Beşiktaş - İstanbul, 2. Kadıköy - İstanbul, 3. Çankaya - Ankara, 4. Şişli - İstanbul, 5. Nilüfer - Bursa, 6. Muratpaşa - Antalya, 7. Karşıyaka - İzmir, 8. Tepebaşı - Eskişehir, 9. Bakırköy - İstanbul, 10. Maltepe - İstanbul, 11. Üsküdar - İstanbul, 12. Yenimahalle - Ankara, 13. Sarıyer - İstanbul, 14. Konak - İzmir, 15. Ataşehir - İstanbul, 16. Ümraniye - İstanbul 17. Beyoğlu - İstanbul, 18. Odunpazarı - Eskişehir, 19. İzmit - Kocaeli 20. Bornova - İzmir, 21. Fatih - İstanbul, 22. Avcılar - İstanbul, 23. Gaziemir - İzmir, 24. Beylikdüzü - İstanbul, 25. Keçiören - Ankara, 26. Tuzla - İstanbul, 27. Balçova - İzmir, 28. Çekmeköy - İstanbul, 29. Başakşehir - İstanbul, 30. Atakum - Samsun.

Thanks to this research, local administrations will be able to use a database for various functions and purposes, mainly to follow-up the human development trends of districts and to determine what areas they need to focus their studies and investments on.


Human Development Indexes have been released on a country basis since 1990 by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Human Development Index, measured by dealing with income per capita, life expectancy at birth and rates of literacy and schooling is aiming to measure not economic growth alone but also health and education data and to compare countries.