22nd Nehar Tüblek Cartoon Contest!

Applications have started for the 22nd Nehar Tüblek Cartoon Contest.

The Nehar Tüblek Cartoon Contest is being organized for the 22nd time this year in cooperation between the Beşiktaş Municipality and the Association of Cartoonists in memory of Nehar Tüblek, a master Turkish cartoonist who devoted his whole life to caricature and passed away on March 6th, 1995. The contest is aimed at both commemorating Nehar Tüblek and motivating children and youngsters to be interested in the art of cartooning while popularizing it all through the society. We would like to call for everybody to take part in the contest with this perspective.  

The prizes to be awarded are as follows:
Grand Prize: TRY 4.000
Runner-up Prize : TRY 3.500
Third Place Prize : TRY 3.000
Beşiktaş Municipality’s Special Prize: TRY 3.000
3 Honorable Mention Prizes: TRY 1.250 (for each one)

Special Corporate Awards
Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club (BJK) Special Award
Association of Journalists Special Award
Association of Cartoonists Special Award
Kabataş High School Education Foundation Special Award
Dünya Publishing House Special Award
Special Award in the name of the Family of Nehar Tüblek  

Corporate Awards
Corporate awards are to be selected out of the works qualifying to the finals, and the cartoonists whose works are awarded will be submitted honor plaques by the corporations. 

Awards of Association of Cartoonists to Motivate Youngsters and Children
The drawers whose works are deemed worth to be exhibited and published in the album will be awarded with a Certificate of Honor with a view to motivate youngsters and children to draw cartoons.

The Jury
Murat Hazinedar – Mayor of Beşiktaş Municipality
Raşit Yakalı - Cartoonist 
Metin Üstündağ - Cartoonist 
Musa Gümüş - Cartoonist 
Ahmet Öztürklevent - Cartoonist 
Şevket Yalaz - Cartoonist 
Mahmut Akgün - Cartoonist 
Akdağ Saydut – Cartoonist & Contest Coordinator  

Deadline For Applications: February 15th, 2017

Correspondence Address
Beşiktaş Belediyesi Kültür ve Sosyal İşler Müdürlüğü
Adres: Nisbetiye Mah. Aytar Cad. Başlık Sok. No:1 Beşiktaş/Istanbul
Tel: 0212 319 42 42 – (extension 4050)

Theme of the Contest: FREE
1. The contest is open to all professional and amateur cartoonists.
2. The contestants are free to choose any drawing technique for their cartoons they will send to the Jury. The cartoons drawn on computer should be printed out and bear the wet signature of the artist.
3. The size of the cartoons should not exceed A4 paper size. Each contestant may participate with a maximum number of 3 (three) drawings. The cartoons sent to the contest are not to be returned to the cartoonists, whether or not they are rewarded with a prize or award; they will be kept in the archive of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Cartoon and Humor Center (İBB Karikatür ve Mizah Merkezi).
4. The contestants should write their name & surname and contact information (exact mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address) on the back of their drawings legibly.
5. The cartoons must be submitted by hand or mailed to the above specified correspondence address on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 at the latest.
6. The prizes and awards will be delivered to the winners in a ceremony to be held on Monday, March 6th, 2017 at one of the culture centers in Beşiktaş, Istanbul – it will be specifically announced to the contestants before that date. 
7. The winners who will attend the award ceremony from outside Istanbul are expected to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. The awards of those who cannot attend the ceremony will be sent to their addresses. 
8. Some of the cartoons of the contestants will be gathered in an album by the Beşiktaş Municipality. The works to be included in the album will be determined by the Jury. These works will also be exhibited at various art galleries.
9. Young contestants below the age 18 will be rewarded with honorable mention awards. They need to add the copy of their birth certificate to their application.
10. Special awards are prestigious awards and they are to be submitted in the form of a plaquet of the rewarding corporation. 
11. All the contestants sending their works to the contest will be deemed to have accepted the ABOVE specified terms.

Biography of Nehar Tüblek
Nehar Tüblek was born in 1924 in Manastir, Yugoslavia. Later he moved to Turkey and he published his first cartoon in 1943 in a Turkish magazine named Amcabey. From that day on, he devoted all his life to caricature until his passing in 1995. He published his works continuously in the magazines Hafta, Yavrutürk, Yeni Mecmua Karikatür, Şaka, Amcabey, Akbaba, Dolmuş, Çarşaf and the newspapers Son Posta, Dünya, Akşam, Yeni Gazete, Hürriyet, Günaydın. Nehar Tüblek won many awards both at domestic and international competitions. Among these are the performance awards he was granted in the competitions held by the Journalists’ Association of Istanbul; as well as the grand prizes and other prizes in Tolentino and Bordighera in Italy; and some other prizes in Canada and Skopje, Macedonia. He also issued 2 cartoon albums named Beygirname and Paşaname. Nehar Tüblek last worked for the newspaper Dünya Gazetesi and he passed away in his office at the newspaper on March 6th, 1995.